Away We Go: Chicago’s Cloud Gate

chicago cloud gate

AKA: The Bean!

This was by far my favorite public art piece in Chicago.  It’s so cool!  As you can see, the surface is extremely reflective, making it a popular tourist attraction for amazing photos of Chicago’s skyline.

I’m no photography pro, but even I could manage some pretty sweet shots.

chicago cloud gate 4chicago cloud gate 3chicago cloud gate 2There’s an ice skating rink below!

Read more about the Cloud Gate on Wikipedia, and check out even more beautiful pictures of it on Google Image Search.

Have you ever been to Chicago?  What do you think of The Bean?

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6 thoughts on “Away We Go: Chicago’s Cloud Gate

  1. subtle dancer

    Oooh nice pictures! I’ll be going to Chicago next weekend. I visited a couple summers ago, and I love it! I love riding the trains, walking by the lake (that looks like an ocean), the food, the museums, and of course the Bean…if I wasn’t so daunted by the weather, I would consider moving there

    1. Jen Post author

      Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see the lake up close. :( Next time I visit, I want to go in the summer! I love Chicago too, but if this past winter was “mild,” then I have no idea how I’d survive a tough one!

      What will you be in Chicago for? I’m jealous!

      1. subtle dancer

        I’m going to a conference (with the hopes of finding a job…eek), so I won’t have a lot of time to wander around the city, but I’m looking forward to the mini-trip

  2. subtle dancer

    Thanks! I’m getting my Masters in Urban & Regional Planning, so I hoping to find a job with a mid-sized planning consulting firm focused in environmental planning and sustainable communities (quite specific, I know haha)


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