March 2013 Empties

march2013 empties

Yay, another month of empties!  I feel myself getting lighter!

I mentioned before that this was a very productive month in terms of using things up and giving them away.  Here’s visual proof!

march2013 empties full sized

Burt’s Bees Coconut Foot Creme – This was really thick and a bit greasy.  I put on socks after applying and let it absorb.  I usually did this before going to bed.  It took me a long time to finish this up, and my mom helped too.  I’m not sure yet if I’ll repurchase; I’ve been using Shea Terra Organics shea butter for my feet now because it’s too greasy for my hands.

Boots Botanics Conditioning Clay Mask – I’m really bad at remembering to do masks.  Therefore, this dried up before I got to finish it.  I used up about half.  It’s okay, but I like The Body Shop Seaweed Clay Mask better.  Right now I have a travel sized Origins clay mask that I have yet to break into, so onwards with the downsizing before buying new things!

Plus White Tartar Control Pre-Whitening Rinse – Well, this is supposed to be used in conjunction with the Plus White 5 Minute Speed Whitening Gel, but you know how you always run out of shampoo before conditioner or vice versa?  Yeah, that happened.  I actually haven’t used the gel since I finished the “pre-whitening rinse” but I’m pretty sure you don’t really need to use this first.  But what the hell do I know?

Sephora by OPI in Dear Diary – I mentioned in my nail polish inventory post that I hate this polish and now I get to throw it away.  Be gone!

NYX Long Lip Pencil in Prune – I don’t like it.  It’s really waxy and it’s hard to apply.  It was only 99 cents, so I don’t feel like I’ve wasted money on it.  I’m sure there are better options out there.

Tarte emphasEYES Inner Rim Eye Pencil – This was really dry and hard and I was too scared to try it on my inner rim out of fear that it would hurt like a bitch.  It came in the Sephora 500-point perk Tarte set, so at least I didn’t buy it and find out later that it sucks.

Boots Expert Sensitive Hydrating Eye Cream (Dior jar) – This came in a squeeze tube, and when I couldn’t squeeze anymore of it out, I cut it open and put the rest in this sample jar.  It was okay.

Kat Von D cream eyeshadows in Brass Knuckles and Slayer – These were the cream shadows that came in the Gypsy and Metal Orchestra palette, respectively.  They dried out really fast, so I depotted and revived them, but I still didn’t use them.  They’ve dried out again and I don’t care to revive them again because I know I won’t use it.

Sonia Kashuk blotting papers – Not much to say about these.  I don’t know if I’ve ever tried BAD blotting papers, so.

Not pictured full sized products that I gave away:
Sephora by OPI in Blue Grotto – I gave this to Elizabeth because while the color is nice, I doubt I’ll ever reach for it again.

Sonia Kashuk Twist and Shout Kabuki brush – Also gave this to Elizabeth because I have too many brushes and she mentioned she needed a powder brush.

Revlon Colorstay eyeliner in Navy? – Gave this to my mom.

march2013 empties sample size

Hourglass Veil Fluid Makeup Oil Free SPF 15 – What a name.  I got 3 samples of foundation from Sephora, and this is the first one I used up.  I really like it, and I’ll probably buy it once I run through my Tarte Amazonian Clay foundation sample.  I wrote a post on it here.

Origins Drink Up Intensive overnight mask – This is the second travel sized bottle I’ve finished up.  I really like it, but I have made the decision to only buy from cruelty-free companies, and unfortunately Origins isn’t one of them anymore.

Origins A Perfect World SPF 25 moisturizer – Same thoughts as above.

Benefit Fake Up Concealer in Medium – Okay, so Benefit isn’t cruelty-free certified either, but this came in the mail as part of a Macy’s promotion and I just wanted to try it.  It’s pretty good, actually.

Narcisco Rodriguez For Her perfume sample – It was okay.  I got a compliment once while wearing it, but I don’t think I’ll buy it.

Guess Seductive I’m Yours – Another one that’s just okay.  I like perfume samples because I get to switch up my scent all the time without making a commitment.  Ha.

L’Oreal Mythic Oil – This is a hair oil.  Albert picked this up in a Tube station or something?  I don’t remember.  He gave it to me and it sat in my bathroom for months before I decided to use it up and get rid of it.  It’s really slick on the hands, unlike dry oil or argan oil.  It was okay, but I like using pure argan oil by Shea Terra Organics in my hair instead.

Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner in Lust – I didn’t actually use this up.  One day, I clumsily knocked over all of my travel sized liners, and the tip broke off.  I sharpened it, and the tip broke off again.  Then, I couldn’t sharpen it anymore because it got too small.  Woe is me!

Make Up For Ever HD primer – I liked this primer better than Smashbox’s Photo Finish Primer and the Urban Decay one I’m currently using.  It’s not as thick and silicone-y feeling.  It came in gift set.

Victoria’s Secret Love Spell hand sanitizer – I’ve been trying to use this up since FOREVER.

Not pictured travel/mini sizes:
Origins VitaZing SPF 15 tinted moisturizer – Gave this to my sister because I had an extra one.

Kat Von D mini lipstick in Cathedral – Gave it to my mom because she likes nude colors.

March’s count:
Full size: 13
Travel size: 7
Sample: 5

Full size: 28
Travel size: 15
Sample: 12

Slooowly gettin’ there!

8 thoughts on “March 2013 Empties

    1. Jen Post author

      I know. :( I really like the overnight mask. But company policies are always changing, so hopefully one day they’ll come back from the dark side! :P

  1. Sam

    I’ve never used foundation primer before. I guess it’s good for a really flawless finish or keeping your foundation on for a long period of time? It sort of sucks that you can’t repurchase some of the the products you like because they aren’t cruelty free. That’s definitely commitment to the cause.

    I feel like it’s super confusing to figure out which companies are/aren’t cruelty free. It’s like one website says one thing, another says something else, the company website says they don’t, but PETA says they do or the company switches back and forth between policies. Like, make up your damn mind already!

    1. Jen Post author

      I find that foundation primer helps foundation blend better, and it definitely helps with longevity. :)

      I’m not too bummed about not being able to repurchase things, because half the fun is discovering new products to love. As far as company validity when it comes to cruelty-free statements, I trust PETA’s website and Leaping Bunny. Also, the blogs I mentioned to you on Twitter, My Beauty Bunny and Phyrra, they’re both really good about asking the companies directly and getting a straight answer whether or not they do test.

      Statements on the company’s own website are often purposefully vague, like “Finished products are not tested on animals” or “We do not test unless required by law” (i.e. in China). It’s all very murky. I think getting the Leaping Bunny logo is the hardest because they’re subject to random audits, so when I see that a company has earned it, I trust that they’re truly cruelty-free.

      Haha, long essay reply! Sorry.

  2. Sam

    I just think there should be some kind of law against a company purposely being wishywashy about their stance on animal testing. If you test, then you shouldn’t be able to put anything on your site that suggests that you don’t. That’s would be like if food companies started saying “Final product not packaged in area that contains traces of nuts”….um, well what if the food is MADE somewhere where there are peanuts? Likewise, I can’t believe the amount of companies who change their stance back and forth so much. It just makes them seem super sketchy (I’m talking to you Sally Hansen).

    1. Jen Post author

      Very good point. This makes me think about the recent FTC law that requires bloggers to explicitly state whether they got something as a press sample, or if they’re using affiliate links. It comes down to being honest with your readers/customers. It’s only fair that if we’re going to support these companies by giving them our money, we have a right to know, very plainly, whether or not they test on animals at any point in the process of making their product.

    1. Jen Post author

      Thank you! I’m determined to downsize my stash, but I’ll admit, it’s hard to resist sometimes! I almost picked up Essie’s Maximillian Strasse Her today, but I had to talk myself out of it. :S Maybe after I get rid of a few more unloved nail polishes…


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