Away We Go: Hello, lover

I’m going to start a new series called Away We Go.  Basically, I’ll be posting my travel pictures bit by bit.  I tried posting a bunch all at once and that didn’t really work because 1) I was too lazy to edit and upload so many files all at once so it took really long to finally get them up after my trip and 2) I was too lazy after my first trip to NYC/London/Scotland that I didn’t post anymore.  I know this is primarily a beauty blog, but I do have a category for travel, so I might as well flesh that out.

I’ve decided to post on Wednesdays.  Because it’s Hump Day, and I think we could all use a little daydream vacation to help us get through the rest of the week, amirite?

First up: Weekend trip to Washington, D.C.!  Albert and I visited my friend Kenina and her husband Michael during my second weekend of my Chicago trip.

hello lover

This was taken on the Georgetown campus.  I spotted a random heart confetti on the ground, and I asked Albert to stand facing me so I could take a picture of our boots.  Kenina kept teasing us that our boots were matching, and that she thought it was cute.  Let’s all stop for a moment and either a) say “d’awww” or b) puke because I’m being sappy.

P.S. My boots are by Steve Madden, if anyone wants to know.  No idea what Albert’s boots are, though.

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