Swatches: Wet n Wild Megalast Lipstick 908C Sugar Plum Fairy


I bought this after reading that it was a pretty close dupe for MAC’s Rebel.  I fell in love with Rebel after seeing this post by Keiko Lynn, and when I saw the comparison swatches between MAC and Wet n Wild, it was kind of a no-brainer.


Note: these pictures were taken ages ago, before I went on my trip to Europe during the holidays.  I lost this tube somewhere along the way.  I bought another one when I got home.  Some people had mentioned that the lipstick name isn’t printed on the bottom; it’s only on the disposable wrapper.  This is potentially annoying if you forget what it’s called, and it’s way easier to tell someone (and have them remember) that you’re wearing “Sugar Plum Fairy” vs. “908C.”  The new one I bought has the name on the bottom sticker.




This color is absolutely gorgeous.  It applies more fuchsia and less vampy purple than it looks in the tube.  It’s a little unexpected, but not too crazy.  I wore it a lot during fall and winter, but I’ve been wearing it here in Hawaii too, as it gets closer to spring.  I like to blot it out until it’s a pretty berry stain.  It is, however, insanely pigmented, so it’s easy to build up the color to a bold lip.

That being said, while I love love love this color, there are a few things I don’t like about this lipstick.

One, the bullet doesn’t twist down all the way.  I’ve nicked it more times than I can count while putting the cover back on.  I suppose it’s useful if you want to see the color without opening it, but I don’t like having to be so careful when capping my lipstick.

Two, it’s rather drying.  I put on lip balm before any sort of lip gloss or lipstick, so it’s not a huge issue, but I do have to reapply lip balm after this wears off.

Three, the black tube gets oddly sticky and grimy really fast.  The first tube I had, I dropped it on the floor at work, so I wiped it down… and the black paint on the lipstick tube came off.  I wiped the rest of it off so it wouldn’t be sticky, and it ends up being transparent.

However, I can and do overlook all these things because the color is so beautiful.  My sister bought one after seeing it on me, and she hardly ever wears makeup.  I think this is actually her only lipstick!

Also, it’s about $1.99.  Major score.

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