Swatches: Essie Mirror Metallics – No Place Like Chrome, Nothing Else Metals, Blue Rhapsody

essie mirror metallics

L to R: No Place Like Chrome, Nothing Else Metals, Blue Rhapsody

Essie’s Mirror Metallics collection came out about a month ago, but it’s still available at  The display is still up at the Ala Moana Macy’s, but the selection is looking pretty scarce the last time I looked.  During my nail polish buying binge, I ordered three of the five colors in the collection.

essie no place like chrome

No Place Like Chrome – “a memorable silver metallic.”  They’re not kidding when they say mirror; these are practically reflective.  However, I had a really hard time with the formula.  It streaked and pulled and emphasized every flaw in my nail beds and in my application skills.  They’re complete divas: difficult to work with, unforgiving, and require a lot of patience and coaxing.

essie no place like chrome sally hansen celeb city swatch

Here’s the swatch.  It’s on my pointer and ring finger.  See all the flaws?  Now, I’m by no definition a pro at applying nail polish, but I’ve painted my nails enough times so that I’m not a total slob either.  Admittedly, the cuticle area is not my strong point (I should just buy a bottle of pure acetone for cleanup), but every single finger was a mess.  Not only that, every time it streaks, the bumps it leaves behind are emphasized on the next coat.  Overall, it’s a very unforgiving formula.

essie no place like chrome sally hansen celeb city

Just out of curiosity, I pulled out another silver I have to compare the color and texture.  This is Sally Hansen’s Celeb City.  As you can see, they’re not really dupes at all.  Celeb city is a shimmery silver, and because of the finish, it hides imperfections better.

essie no place like chrome sally hansen celeb city swatch

L to R: Essie No Place Like Chrome, Sally Hansen Celeb City, No Place Like Chrome, Celeb City.

essie blue rhapsody

Blue Rhapsody – “a jazzy blue metallic.”  This color is so pretty and unique.  I’ve never seen a color quite like this before.

essie blue rhapsody swatch

Apparently, my camera hasn’t either.  I had a hard time catching this color on camera.  All of my pictures turned out looking more gray than blue.  This isn’t the best as far as color accuracy, but it does show off how reflective this polish is.  Also, see me hiding my thumb?  I totally cheated and didn’t paint it.  The nail broke and it was wonky and uneven. :P

essie blue rhapsody swatch

This is the closest I could get, color-wise.  I smudged my pinky and it’s so glaring with this formula, ugh.

essie nothing else metals

Nothing Else Metals – “a carefree lavender metallic.”  I definitely disagree with the carefree part.  It’s no easier to apply than the other two are.  Such a shame, because they’re all gorgeous.

essie nothing else metals

This is probably my favorite of the three, because I like the way the color looks on my skin tone the best.  Also, I swatched this last and I think by this time, I had figured out a few tricks to apply it better.

1. Use thin coats.

2. Don’t overlap the strokes too much, or at all if you can manage it.  This causes it to pull the pigment down and create a bump and basically make a mess.

3. I’ve read other bloggers’ suggestion of using a ridge filling base, and/or buffing out the nail bed so the surface is smoother.

Lastly, I read and commented on a similar post by girlintheglasses, and she mentioned that in Germany (Europe in general?), the Essie brushes are wider.  That probably makes a huge difference with these, because the skinny brushes did not help AT ALL with the streaking and pulling.  It’s interesting to note that while I had a hard time with these, girlintheglasses loved them.  So, it just goes to show that this is my personal opinion and experience, and that yours might be completely different from mine. :)

With that said, even though they’re a b*tch to work with, I’ll be keeping these because they’re pretty and I’m determined to defeat them, Goddamnit.  Also, I want to try using them as accent colors on designs versus using them as a base color.

Good luck if you want to track them down!  Let me know how it works out for you.  Maybe I just suck at painting my nails (a very real possibility).

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