Swatches: butter LONDON Big Smoke

Like the rest of the world, I have also come down with Olympic fever.  I don’t usually watch sports… like, ever, but every four years I make an exception for the Olympics.  This year, I’ve noticed a lot of the women athletes have been sporting patriotic manicures, using their nation’s colors or flags for inspiration for nail art, and I think that’s so cute!  What a great way to express yourself and represent your country!

I consider myself a complete novice when it comes to nail art, though.  I tried it a few times, but I definitely have a long way to go and lots of practicing to do.  So, in continuing swatching all the nail polishes I’ve picked up recently (and some not-so-recently), I wanted to focus on butter LONDON.  Their color names are related to London (duh) and UK pop culture, and I don’t know about you, but I’m such a sucker for product names.

butter LONDON Big Smoke

Their description: “London’s finest. This mildly metallic navy blue nail lacquer is as naughty as a night in a smoky pub.  The big smoke, an affectionate name for the city of London, due to heavy smog caused by Victorian chimney stacks and trains.”  It’s a beautiful moody dark blue.  It’s probably best suited for fall, but I personally tend to wear whatever color I want when I want.  butter LONDON’s formula is a dream to work with, applying smoothly with lots of pigment.

I bought this off during an employee appreciation weekend (extra 10% discount on top of our employee 20%, yay!).  When this arrived, there was already a huge gouge on the side of the bottle, with a second chunk of glass just barely hanging on.  When I pulled off the cap, the piece easily fell off.  This is Macy’s fault when packing my nail polishes to ship, as all they did to prepare six glass bottles of polish from rolling around and hitting each other was to crumple up one piece of paper and shove it on top of them.  That’s it.  I debated returning it, but the Macy’s I work at doesn’t have this shade in store.  I didn’t want to exchange it for a different color nor order another online (because the extra 10% wouldn’t apply anymore).  In the end I decided to keep it, because the polish isn’t leaking.  I should probably tape it up, though.  Don’t want glass shards in my hands. o_O

I’m sorry my lighting is inconsistent, and I know I haven’t captured this color’s nuances on camera.  In any case, you should definitely check out this shade if you like darker colors, especially blues.  At the very least, you should try butter LONDON if you haven’t already yet.  They’re a bit expensive ($14), but since Sephora started carrying it, it’s easier to track down (and swatch before buying!).  Also, I’ve seen Hautelook host a sale once, so you could always keep an eye out for that.

Have you tried butter LONDON?  What colors of nail polish do you generally go for?  Also, what’s your favorite sport to watch in the Olympics??  Mine’s gymnastics!  Very popular and cliché answer, but I love that it’s not only feats of physical prowess, it’s also art.  Beauty and grace and elegance.  Le siiigh.

Go Team USA! :D

14 thoughts on “Swatches: butter LONDON Big Smoke

      1. Sinead

        We just happened to stumble across it one day on tv and there’s something about the anticipation beforehand and the danger of it all that’s really interesting!

  1. Lauren

    Butter London is so expensive! Is it really worth the price? I feel guilty spending 8 bucks at target for essie and opi. Btw, I’m looking for a good base coat…any recommendations? The Sally Hansen ones I’ve been using seems to make my polish peel (not chip) off super fast. I have been noticing the nail polish on the swimmers too. Super cute!

    1. Jen Post author

      I love butter LONDON, but I agree, it’s quite expensive. That’s why I try to buy them on sale (employee discount 20% + employee appreciation 10%). :P You could always wait for a Sephora F&F sale, and sometimes butter LONDON will run special promos through their website as well. I think the formula is totally worth it because it really does glide on like buttaaahh. :P

      I also use Sally Hansen base and top coats, and they usually hold up just okay. I compulsively peel my nail polish off all the time, though. I recently bought Zoya’s Anchor and Armor base and top coat from Hino Hairstyles (during sidewalk sales, they go for 20% off), and they’re really really good.

  2. makeupmorsels

    Mine used to be gymnastics, but I’ve decided this week that swimming is my new favorite. Still love gymnastics though. But ughh now that swimming is over I am slightly depressed. Eek, shards are no good, tape that up! The color is gorgeous on you, and omg I’ve definitely been checking out everyone’s manicures. Some cute nail art going on :D

    1. Jen Post author

      Yeah, swimming is really exciting too! I’ve been watching track and field now, and the gymnastics individuals.

      I know, I should tape up that glass! While I was taking pictures, I was like errr, I don’t want to grip it too hard… :S

      I love spotting their manicures, it’s like finding Easter eggs. :P plus, it’s so sassy and I think it really shows how the nail art trend has really taken off in the past year, especially now that tutorials are so accessible via YouTube and nail art blogs. :)

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