Poison Apple – a short film

Hey everyone!  This is just a quick, promotional post for a short film that I’ll be working on in August called Poison Apple.  It’s a retelling of the Snow White story, from the point of view from the apple that poisons her.  It’s a musical, it’s got puppets, and a fantastic cast and crew — what’s not to love?

Please help make this film a reality.  Like any creative project, we need funds to get the ball rolling, and every little bit helps.  You can donate here: http://www.indiegogo.com/poisonapple

Need a bit more to whet your appetite?  Here’s the announcement trailer:

And the behind-the-scenes video from our makeup and costumes test day:

That’s me, working as an assistant makeup artist!

Also, like the Facebook page!

Lastly, here’s a short interview with the director, Dane Neves, and the main star, Red (aka the most adorable puppet EVAR).

Again, please help out if you can by donating here.  You can also help out by sharing the links I just posted and spreading the word.  It’s a well-written story with lots of heart and humor. (Did I mention the puppets and the singing?)  It’s an original spin on the classic fairytale, and we’d love to see it become a reality!

Thanks for reading! :)

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