feelin’ fancy

My friend Ashley got married last week!!  Congratulations, Ashley and Ross!

I remembered to bring my camera this time, so I took a few photos of the ceremony (there were butterflies!)… and then my camera got locked in the car, along with my friend’s keys, before the reception.  Ha!

See the butterflies??

I didn’t take any photos of my outfit before, at or after the wedding.  So, like a complete weirdo, I wore the same outfit today and had Jackie take photos.  It might seem pathetic, but most days I’m either in a polo shirt and yoga pants for work, or a tshirt and boxers on my days off.  So I’ll take any excuse to dress up.

Outfit details
dress – I.N.C. (Macy’s)
necklace –  Express
ring – Target
clutch – Express
heels – Pour la Victoire Vanna
glasses – Claire’s

P.S. I love these heels so much.  They gave me blisters, but you know, sometimes you can’t help but love those who hurt you. :P

P.P.S. Hipster glasses as requested by Albert.

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