Something old, something new

Kenina and Michael got married on January 3, 2012.  And I’m only posting my outfit photos now?  Clearly punctuality is not my strong suit.  Also, these photos were taken a week or two after the actual wedding, because I’m an idiot and didn’t bring my camera with me to the event.  Just imagine me with curly hair, and sans fedora and dog. :)

I bought this dress a few days before the wedding, at everblue casuals.  I’m not a huge fan of the neckline, so I wore it with a jacket that I’ve had for ages.  I used to wear it to work, so it’s really faded.  Hence, the “something old, something new.”  Get it? *crickets*

Also, the right lapel of my jacket was flipped pretty much the entire time we were taking pictures, and neither I nor my sister noticed.  It really bothers me when I look at it now, so I chose pictures where you can’t really tell. :P

This Snitch necklace has become one of my favorite accessories!  Krystal got it for me for Christmas, and I adore it.

I open at the close.  *dorks out*

I love these pumps.  I just wish they weren’t so uncomfortable. :( But hey, it was like $30 at Ross, so whatever.

Outfit details
dress – Papaya
jacket -  Guess
shoes – Venus, JS by Jessica Simpson
fedora – given to me by Krystal
Snitch necklace – Christmas gift from Krystal
clutch – Banana Republic
Tanqueray faux wax seal – poor decision made while inebriated

But let’s just be real here.  Who’s gonna look at my outfit when there’s such a cute dog to be admired?  Isn’t Pocky adorable? :3

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