Matchy matchy


I wore mostly neutral pink beige champagne shades to my friend Kenina’s wedding yesterday. Even my clutch matched my necklace, by coincidence.


The base color of the manicure I’m wearing is Essie’s Imported Bubbly, and I bought it for the purpose of wearing it on New Year’s Eve… But obviously, that didn’t happen.

Side note about the faux wax seal on my clutch: it’s from a bottle of Tanqueray gin. I, in a drunken moment, thought it would be a good idea to put it on my clutch. My LEATHER clutch. So of course, if I try to rip it off, the leather underneath it is ruined. Clearly not one of my brighter ideas.


See how matchy I am?! I bought the leaf ring about a year ago and now it’s too loose and doesn’t fit anymore.

Lastly, I don’t have any full body shots of my outfit because I’m a complete idiot. I brought my camera to the wedding, then I LEFT IT IN THE CAR.  So these are my crappy cell phone pictures. Ugh. Someone complimented me on my dress though! So, this weekend, I’ll have my sister take proper pictures of it. I know, I’m vain and insufferable. And an idiot. Did you know I wore the dress with the tags still attached and I didn’t realize it until I came home and took it off?

UPDATE: I am such a jerk for not saying this earlier: CONGRATS TO MICHAEL AND KENINA!  It was a gorgeous day, the ceremony and reception was beautiful, and the two of you were absolutely glowing! May you have many years of happiness ahead of you. :)


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